Daniel Ibanez Blanco

3D Artist Toronto, Canada

Passionate artist willing to work on a group of dedicated and creative developers, in order to expand both my artistic and technical knowledge and abilities.

Currently Working on:


Game Experience:

-Max Payne 3 (Xbox360, PS3, PC) - 2012
-Max Payne 3 DLC Packs (Xbox360, PS3, PC) - 2012
-Galaxy Mayhem (Xbox 360 XBLA) - 2010

3D modeling


Level Artist

Rockstar Games (2011- Present)

Max Payne 3 (Xbox360, PS3, PC) - 2012

Modeling, Sculpting, mapping, texturing, shading, model optimization and world building for realistic environments.

Wake Studios - Junior 3D Artist - 2010

Responsible for modeling, rigging and animation of characters for next gen title.
Working alongs side the art direction in defining an artistic style and direction.
Working with programmers to improve character renders in the engine.

Talisman Audiovisuals – 3D Artist -2010

Modeling, animating and rendering sequences of animated products
for various formats including documentary, TV serials and advertisements

Evolys centro de formación - 3D instructor- 2008 – 2010

Teaching 3D animation, rendering, modeling and texturing for both the games
and film industry.

Caronte Studios - 3D Artist - 2008 - 2010

Modeling and texturing props and characters for indie MMO title.
Rigging and animating in-game characters.
This title along with the team that was developing it was featured in the magazine


Seneca College- 2010-2011
Game Art and animation post-graduate certificate
8 month intensive focused on the production of assests for AAA titles.

EMAV- 2008 - 2009
1st Year Tv and film making (Associate Degree)

Professional 3D modeling and Animation Course